Extra-Curricular Activities:


  • Worlds Finest Chocolates: Chocolate sales are going great. If you need additional boxes, please drop by the school office. There are still spots available at the parishes for chocolate sales. For more information, contact Nina at fundraising@stccs.ca. Remember having our children in uniform at the churches is the perfect way of promoting our school.
  • Family BINGO Night is Thursday, November 16, 2017 from 7-9 pm. Doors open at 6:15 pm. Information and Registration forms are below under 2017-2018 Fundraisers.
  • Volunteer Hours (VIP): Please remember to track and update your volunteer hours. The VIP binder is located in the front foyer of the school.

  • Details about our 2017-2018 fundraisers will be posted here as they are finished.

Welcome Back!

This year, our goal is to raise $63,000.  Details of the fundraisers are below.   All revenue from fundraising goes towards capital projects.  This year, the funds raised will be put towards the north entry floors and new equipment in the building.

Thank You Volunteers

Under the revised Funding Agreement of 1996 with the Province of Manitoba, the Province provides St. Charles Catholic School with funding per pupil equal to 50% of the provincial public school per pupil operating cost expenses.  St. Charles Catholic School relies on tuition, fees, parish support, donations, and fundraising as the critical means of augmenting the 50% provided by the Province.  However, while fundraising is crucial from a budgetary perspective, fundraising is seen at St. Charles Catholic School as a community building initiative.  Bringing parents and care givers together and working towards a common goal are key benefits of our fundraising program.  This is especially important as St. Charles is sponsored by five parishes and parents/caregivers may not necessarily know each other.  In addition, our children see the commitment of our parents/caregivers to the School and our community.  For these reasons, fundraising remains a focal point of the Board of Directors and the PAC, and your support is appreciated. For further information, please refer to our SCCS Fundraising Policy and our Fundraising Proposal Form (link found at the bottom of the page).


For the 2017-2018 school year, the Board of Director's has set a fundraising goal of $63,000. These funds will be put towards capital projects and new equipment.

Click link to access the Fundraising Goal Details Table (updates forthcoming)

New ideas for fundraising are always welcome. For more information, check the Fundraising Proposals section at the bottom of the page. We are especially interested in community event fundraisers.


Our fundraisers would not be possible without the donated time of our parent volunteers. Thank you! If you would like to volunteer with one of the fundraising activities listed below, please check the contact list on the Volunteer Opportunities Page.


Any questions/comments concerning Fundraising should be forwarded to the Fundraising Coordinator, Nina McIntyre at fundraising@stccs.ca





  • Hot Dog & Pizza Lunches (Order Form Due Sept. 21st)
  • Community Bingos



  • Worlds Finest Chocolates





Fundraising Proposals:

Fundraising is a crucial aspect to operating St. Charles Catholic School. New ideas are always welcomed, however the Board of Directors is very cognizant of the strain additional fundraising activities have on our St. Charles community and that any fundraiser must have the promise of a reasonable return for the effort required. In addition, all proposed fundraisers must be transparent, ethical, and not of personal benefit to any member of our community. Anyone interested in submitting a fundraising proposal should complete the Fundraising Proposal Form with as much detail as possible. All new ideas will be considered by the Board of Directors. Thank you in advance for wanting to make St. Charles a better community!