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St. Charles Catholic School, a not-for profit independent school, has a very unique ownership structure. It is the only school in the Archdiocese that is owned by five parishes: St. Paul the Apostle, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Charles, St. John XXIII, and St. Ann's. The Coporate Board, which is comprised of the five parish leaders, is directly responsible for the Catholicity and overall mission of the school.


Reporting to the Corporate Board, the Board of Directors oversees the operations of the school. In particular, it is responsible for the areas of finance, buildings and grounds, maintenance, personnel and strategic planning. The Board serves to suport the Principal but does not involve itself with the day-to-day administration and operation of the school.

St. Charles Catholic School Board of Directors 2016-2017


Msgr. Comeault – Corporate Board Chair Representative
Robyn Powell – Board Chair – Alumni Representative
Gord Currie – Vice Chair
Denise George – Parish Representative - St. Paul the Apostle
Gerald Brunger – Parish Representative - Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Geoff Macdonell – Parish Representative - St. John XXlll Church
Stacey Kulbacki – Parish Representative - St. Charles Church
Richard Ludwick – Parish Representative - St. Anne’s Church
Dave Wyllie – Buildings and Grounds
Bill Eva - Capital Campaign Co-ordinator
Nicole Alexander – PAC Chair
Nina McIntyre – Parent Representative (2017)
Victoria Cole – Parent Representative (2018)
Lisa Webster – Parent Representative (2017)
Cory Schoenberger – Parent Representative (2018)
Athena Dinos – Finance / Comptroller
Dr. Anne Penny - Principal - Ex- Officio

Contact the Board Chair at the following email address: boardchair@stccs.ca
To contact Buildings and Grounds email buildingsandgrounds@stccs.ca